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Coaching For Teens
via text, phone and video
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How It Works

Connect With a Coach

You will start with having a conversation with us to find the best coach for you.

Discuss Your Teen's Issues

You will talk to your coach and let them know what you are dealing with about your teen . What concerns and commitments
you have.

Connect your
teen with a coach.

When you approve, the coach will connect with your teen via our communication
hub Slack.

The Teens Choose
To Participate

Coaching doesn't work unless your teen is committed and opened to the possibility.

Text, phone and video

The coach interacts with your teen via  a cloud-based collaboration tool called Slack.

Parent Coaching Sessions

Parent coaching starts immediately and it is included in our offering for free. 

Developing Leadership

By engaging with the other teens on the app, your child will take on a teaching and leadership role to others.

Building confidence

Your teen will build confidence and create content that will inspire others.

Live Training

Your teen will experience a new relationship to what it is they want in life, create a roadmap and work with a coach
to get there.

talk to a coach